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Living Without a Living Will

Living Without a Living Will

Is a Living Will really that important? The emphatic answer (and not just because the writer of this blog is an attorney) – YES! A living will is not the same thing as a traditional will because it does not outline the disposition of your property upon your death. Rather, a living will is a document that helps medical professionals and loved ones know your wishes while you are alive, but unable to verbalize or indicate your wishes regarding medical treatment. The word living will is sometimes used interchangeably with Advanced Medical Directive, Health Care Directive, or Health Care Power of Attorney. No matter what term is used, the Living Will is of utmost importance when thinking about your estate planning documents as it lets everyone know your wishes when you become incapacitated. If you don’t have a Living Will, you might be leaving your loved ones to deal with some difficult decisions without your input or knowing what you want. The Attorneys at Sommer & O’Donnell would be honored to help you draft your estate planning documents including your Living Will.