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Experienced Family Law attorneys offering Divorce, Support, Custody and Estate Planning legal representation in Carlisle, York and Chambersburg, PA.With over 15 years of experience, the Attorneys at Sommer & O’Donnell are seasoned and excited to support you throughout your difficult family law issues. They understand that needing a lawyer for matters of the heart can be overwhelming and stressful, but they strive to make the process as smooth and as simple as possible.


The Law firm opened on September 26th, 2016 when Michelle Sommer and Brandon O’Donnell decided to approach Family Law with a warmer, friendlier approach than one typically finds in the legal field.


Michelle and Brandon represent clients in all aspects of family law; such as, divorce, separation, custody, support, grandparent’s rights, pre-marital agreements, adoption, involuntary termination of parental rights, protection from abuse issues, paternity issues, name change, dependency and legal guardianship. They also counsel clients in the areas of estate planning and administration. Their travels take them to multiple counties across Pennsylvania including Cumberland, Perry, Dauphin, York, Lancaster, Franklin and more.


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I have known and worked with Michelle Sommer for a long time and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. She understands the laws inside and out and works with her clients to figure out the best course of action to take. Divorces and child custody arrangements are not always pretty, but by following Michelle's advice and guidance, positive outcomes are definitely possible. She is a straight shooter that will lay everything out for you and that can be very comforting when facing difficult situations that you might not fully understand.


Avvo - Leagl. Easier.

I contacted Michelle to settle my ongoing divorce and take over from another attorney. Michelle is extremely professional and personable to work with during the process. She made sure I was always aware of my legal rights regarding my case and advised me of my options in a clear and concise way. Ultimately Michelle was able to settle my divorce and child support matters fairly and quickly. I highly recommend Michelle to anyone who needs legal help in divorce, separation or custody issues.


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I worked with Brandon on a custody case that had not had resolution in years, with several different lawyers and firms involved. Brandon had the knowledge of the law and ideas to get my case to resolution. He was willing to listen to my ideas, and give me his honest feedback on what would be best, even when I didn't want to hear it. He is excellent and I would recommend him to anyone with easy or difficult custody circumstances to resolve. We never did have to go to court but I assume he would have been the shark I was looking for if we had. Excellent lawyer, excellent firm!


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Michelle recently left her old firm in which she was a partner to begin a new adventure and open her own firm. I was asked by her old firm to stay with them, which I would never do! Because of the time we spent together working on my custody case, nobody knows my situation better than Michelle and I wouldn't trust the situation with anyone else. I would follow her no matter where she worked because I'm that confident in her abilities to take care of my family.


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Being a sceptic, and with just cause, I had believed all attorneys to lack a human soul. I have spent thousands of dollars in two states over the past decade in family law cases. Since moving to Pennsylvania, however, I was lucky enough to have Mr. O'Donnell recommended to me: The experience has changed my view of lawyers considerably. Mr. O'Donnell is compassion itself. He is kind and understanding at a degree to match his knowledge and skills. I fully recommend Mr. O'Donnell for your family law matters.


Avvo - Leagl. Easier.

I hired Brandon O'Donnell to represent me in my divorce after having an unsatisfactory experience with another attorney. He accomplished more in the first two months than my previous attorney had in a year.

He responds to emails on a timely basis, and I've never had a problem scheduling an appointment or phone call with him. The correspondence between us on my case is always directly with him, not another attorney or a paralegal.

When he recently switched law firms, I followed him to his new firm. This was an easy decision for me. I appreciate his persistence, as well as his sense of humor, throughout my divorce process.


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