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Am I Heading Towards a Divorce?

Am I Heading Towards a Divorce?

This short blog will discuss factors that affect your chances for Divorce. When looking at marriage and divorce trends throughout the past thirty years, certain tendencies emerged to help identify factors that affect the chances of a couple divorcing.


(1) Age. Generally speaking, the younger age one gets married, the more likely they are to experience divorce. In fact, studies have shown that those who marry before age 25 tend to be more likely to divorce than individuals who wait until after age 25 to marry.

(2) Education. Generally, those that are more formally educated, meaning they have completed their college education, are less likely to divorce than those that have not attained a college degree.

(3) Children. Married couples who have children are less likely to divorce than couples who do not have any children. However, be warned – having Children is not a cure for those who may be miserable in their marriage and are attempting to save it by having a Child.

(4) Parents’ Marital Status. Those who are children of Divorce are more likely to divorce in their relationship as well.


Clearly, a variety of factors could affect whether or not a marriage ends in divorce. One thing that our family law practice has taught us for sure is that there is no magic formula to prevent a divorce from occurring. The attorneys at Sommer & O’Donnell are here to help you navigate the divorce process should you find yourself in the midst of a Divorce.