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Advice for 2017 Graduation

Graduation 2017

As Graduation season is upon everyone this month, the attorneys at Sommer & O’Donnell would like to share some advice to those separated parents of the new grads. With our years of experience in family law, we know all too well how emotional a custody battle can be between parents. The emotional toll not only effects the parents, but inevitably transfers to the children, no matter how hard the parents try to shield them. Both parents love that child they created together and want what’s best for that child. During this time of year, whether it be graduation from college, high school, or some other school, parents must remember this is an exciting time in their child’s life. A new chapter full of unknowns and endless possibilities. An exciting time, their child wants to spend and celebrate with both of their parents no doubt. It’s important to attempt to set aside the differences both parents may have, no matter how much hostility they may hold towards the other parent, and give their child the best day possible. So all you parents out there with graduating children this year, we implore you to maintain yourself and remember that your child deserves this one day to celebrate without having to worry about mom and dad getting into an argument. Congrats new grads!

Credit: Brandon S. O’Donnell, Esquire